About Story of trust


Need-based survey was taken up at the villages interacting with the stake – holders, thereby identified the crux of the problems & difficulties faced by the marginalized communities. The activities during the reporting year are designed and carried out towards addressing the needs of those communities. The Family members & friends of the Trustees, devoted their time, energy and Funds to carry on with the activities of the Trust.

It is pertinent to mention that a few individuals from abroad, who had witnessed and coordinated the service of the Trust during yercurd relief camps, continue to remain as well-wishers contributing their possible help to carry out a few projects assignments successfully.

The union of like-minded friends and volunteers from the village level with the blend of cultural and traditional values of the country was the life-stream for the progress of the trust to carry out programs and activities.

12 A 80G Darpan. LEI certificate available


“Empowering Communities – enhanced lives on earth”


1. Upholding equality, Liberty and Fraternity.
2. Advancement of in Health, Education and Employment.
3. Sustainable livelihood for the physically challenging.
4. Awareness on Rights & Concessions to the marginalized.
5. Promoting Cultural, Social, Emotional & Spiritual needs

Babutrust Achievements:

⦁ After school support centers (Tuition centers) at Yercurd for tribal village.
⦁ Sanitation and housing project (DRDA Salem).
⦁ Awareness camps organized on the Rights of Women and Children’s and Rights of Senior-citizens.
⦁ Livelihood for physically challenged and for leprosy.
⦁ Dairy cows and personal loans were given to individuals in hill and rural poor and very poor women.
⦁ Free supply of kapasuram water by Babu Trust.
⦁ Individual free provided for seedlings, maintenance and awareness.
⦁ Child Care Development Programme
⦁ Tuition Centre for Poor Children
⦁ Tree Plantation Programme
⦁ Skill Training Programme
⦁ Tailoring Training Programme
⦁ Environment Awareness Programme
⦁ Health Awareness Programme
⦁ Women Empowerment Programme