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Together We Trust, Together We Thrive.

Building Trust Changing Lives

Welcome to BabuTrust, a beacon of hope and compassion. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Our journey is fueled by the belief that collective efforts can bring about meaningful change in our communities.

Child Life Focused

Creating the Future

Women Focused

Sustainable Society

Preventive HealthCare

Enabling Prosperity

Create Happiness

The True fact of Life

Together We Trust, Together We Thrive.

Our Mission & Goals

How We Work
A Clear Vision
Great Mission
Goals Achieve

Together We Trust, Together We Thrive.

What We Are Do ? In India

ince its establishment in 2000, UUPCT has worked in three core areas – education, women empowerment, and health (fight against cancer). Our efforts are centered on enabling access to quality education, affordable cancer care services and increasing opportunities for women to become financially independent. We partner with like-minded individuals, corporations and networks to develop and implement high-impact projects across Tamil Nadu.

Emergency Aids

zero poverty​

Relief Funding

Top Education

Food & Water

Free Medicals

Orphan Support

Old age Support

Help With Featured Cause

Feed The Poor And Hungry Children

At babutrust, we believe that no child should go to bed hungry. Our mission is simple yet profound: to feed the poor and hungry children in our communities. We recognize the immediate and lasting impact of providing nutritious meals to children who face the harsh reality of food insecurity.

Our Impact

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Meet the BabuTrust Team

Welcome to BabuTrust, where a dedicated team is working together to make a positive impact. Our collective mission is to briefly state your trust’s mission or values], and each member of our team plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.





S. Dharmalingam